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Continuous Motion Technology

After many years of experience, we decided to equip windows and doors with the best accessories to constantly provide the best windows and doors during the actual work. In this direction, the ideal candidate is Maco Austria fittings.


MACO Multi-Matic

Together with the PVC profile and double glazing, the fittings used play a very important role in the design of windows and doors.

  • The guarantee for 20,000 closing/opening cycles

  • Is the only hardware manufactured exclusively in Austria, at the plants in Triben and Salzburg

  • MACO Multi-Matic fastening loops support 120 kg compared to other fasteners that support 80-100 kg

  • Includes a system against improper action in the standard version. The wrong action is the source of 90% of the problems

  • It is equipped with an anti-lock system with vertical adjustment, which prevents the violation of windows over time

  • Equipped with two-stage micro-ventilation

  • Offers a wide range of solutions for creating products of different shapes