Thanks to these constructions, it is possible to create the most comfortable and safe working conditions for employees. The complex installation of partitions in the office allows you to maintain the natural level of lighting through the use of glass panels. At the same time, glass in combination with metal fittings contributes to the improvement of the interior. A wide range of models is suitable for all types of modern office spaces. Therefore, glass partitions for office premises are very popular in the domestic market.

Advantages of modern glass partitions:
Glass partitions leave a lot of light

Both in a room with one window and without it

Ability to retain odors and moisture

Kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms, as well as bathrooms

Glass partitions save space

Because they are thinner than their counterparts from completely different materials. There is nothing to replace them here

Glass is suitable for absolutely any interior style

Only the correct presentation is important: color, texture, and design originality are taken into account

Glass is an ecological material

The safest compared to others


Professionally executed design looks impressive and stylish

Renovation with glass partitions

The load-bearing walls are not being demolished, and zoning is already being carried out inside the room

Glass partitions are resistant to most types of external damage and impacts

Shape, color and texture remain unchanged regardless of the situation

When installing glass partitions, concrete and adhesive solutions are not used

Therefore, after installation, no special cleaning work will be required