The main function of any canopy is to protect it from rain and snow, and sometimes from sunlight.

The glass visor performs all these functions, as it can have a certain degree of darkening to protect from the sun,    but in addition it has a number of undeniable advantages. In addition to the practical comfort of the awnings themselves, glass awnings help to emphasize the decorative features of the general style of the building: the roof and part of the wall above the entrance area are clearly visible through them. An important advantage in such a product as a glass viewfinder is the simplicity of the design and the small number of its constituent elements.

Among the advantages of glass canopies are:
Since the glass has a slippery surface, snow falls off it a little even with a slight slope

Reliable glass is able to withstand even strong impacts — for example, falling ice

Glass and steel are a winning combination in design and construction

This design easily copes with its main task – it protects well from rain and is practically not subject to destruction from time to time

Ability to withstand high temperatures

Fluctuations and various mechanical effectsя

Any facade design

Office building, residential building or shopping center