Shower doors made of safety glass are great for modern bathrooms. Shower cabins made of tempered glass are a practical and convenient solution. This is a great opportunity to design your interior in a modern minimalist style. Unlike the bathroom, the cabin saves useful space, which makes such designs popular for installation in small-sized apartments. The comfort of use is provided by sealed glass walls that prevent water from entering other surfaces of the bathroom.

Glass shower cabins have a number of advantages:
Have visual weight

Therefore, they bring lightness and ventilation to the interior

Successfully fit into the bathroom of any style

After all glass is combined with different materials and textures

They differ in aesthetic appeal

They can "remove" the status even from the usual budget design

Water-resistant, does not damage water and vapor

It does not corrode and therefore retains its aesthetic appeal for a long time

They are characterized by high surface density

Due to this, frequent cleaning is allowed without disturbing the texture

They are characterized by chemical resistance and inertia

Therefore, they can be cleaned with different detergents

Made of durable glass

Resistant to mechanical damage