Our Advantages in Design

For laminating window structures, we use RENOLIT film, which does not contain plasticizers, which allows us to maintain decorative and operational characteristics throughout the entire service life. In addition, the absence of plasticizers makes the product safe for both humans and the environment. RENOLIT is a high-quality film that sets new standards for color fastness and protective properties. It is resistant to weather conditions and exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation. A wide range of colors for windows and doors. You can choose your favorite color, getting the best combination with the design of your object.

Choose your favorite color

Thanks to the latest and most advanced technologies, the appearance of windows can be easily changed, thereby you can create a fresh atmosphere without resorting to cosmetic repairs at home. The Renolit film we use, even after several years of operation, the windows will look like on the first day. Choose your favorite color or shade, and our experts will help you change the atmosphere of your home.