Stained Glass Facades

Aluminum glazing of facades is the most distinctive feature of modern urban planning. Aluminum windows have become the standard for new businesses and shopping malls, office centers and even private homes. Stained glass windows and facades of buildings with aluminum profiles, despite the visual weightlessness of structures, are guaranteed to be reliable, durable, have high heat-saving and windproof parameters and mechanical loads, improve the living and working atmosphere in the building. We offer our clients various solutions for glazing facades of buildings. Each method has its own characteristics, so contact our specialists, they will help you choose the best option.

Vertical-Horizontal Method

This is a sequence of vertical pillars on which horizontal crossbars are mounted – this is the supporting part of the structure. Double-glazed windows with safe architectural glazing are fixed with railings, which are closed from the outside with overlappings of the chosen shape: from rectangles to ovals. Low-emission, tinted, bulletproof, self-cleaning double-glazed windows are used for glazing facades of large areas of public buildings and shopping malls. Vertical facades can merge into sloping roof elements.

Structural and Semi-Structural

This is a visually solid glass matrix, aluminum shelves of the inner part of the glass, hidden by the eyes of colored or mirrored architectural glass. From the outside, only a small space between the glass blocks is visible. The difference between structural and semi-structural glazing is that a special sealant is used for fixing double-glazed windows in the first case, in the second: a horizontal or vertical clamping rod that is visible from the outside. The heat-saving and strength characteristics of both types of glazing are identical.