An Ambitious Company with a Good Concept and Ideas

What We Offer

Creating individual aesthetically appealing solutions for our clients by lightning-fast development of projects using unique styles.

About Production

The advanced technologies used and the quality of the PVC and aluminum products produced are among our strengths. The capacities of the production plant "VEFASISTEM" meet the requirements for European quality standards, thus the company "VEFASISTEM" has received international certification ISO (quality management system requirements) and CE (compliance with European quality standards).
Every day we produce more than 1000 square meters of PVC and aluminum products. Our products are distributed throughout the country thanks to our branches and more than 350 distributors. Some of our products are exported to Europe, to countries such as Italy, France, Germany and Romania.
VEFASISTEM considers its ten-year experience and outstanding achievements to be the beginning of a long journey. "What we have achieved is just the start".