Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is an ordinary sheet glass obtained by heating to a quenching temperature (650-680 °C) followed by rapid uniform cooling with cold air on both sides. As a result of such processing, residual mechanical compression stresses are formed in the surface layers of the glass, ensuring its increased mechanical strength, heat resistance and safety during destruction. Breaking, such glass is destroyed into many small fragments with blunt edges, which are not capable of causing serious injury (except for getting into the eyes). Such an effect is proof of the high impact strength of this glass. Tempered glass is used in construction, in the manufacture of shower cabins, partitions, railings, awnings, sliding systems. Tempered glass is a heat-treated glass that is 5 times tougher, in case of breakage, the tempered glass breaks into small pieces, not into large sharp pieces. This is used when resistance to mechanical shocks, thermal resistance and protection against the risk of breakage are required.

Gives the space brightness, elegance and a special modern aesthetic appearance

Wide range of applicability both outside and inside

Freedom is at the level of design and execution, so the elements of tempered glass can work perfectly in various applications