Safety Glass railings are an actual element of decor and protection, giving an aesthetic and modern look to your home. Glass railings are just as safe and durable as railings made of iron or other materials. This type of transparent railing is an ideal choice for creating the illusion of freedom and open space.

The staircase in the house is a functional element of the interior, ensuring the safety and comfort of movement between the first and second floors. This design looks great in a two-story apartment.

Several advantages that deserve attention:

A glass staircase is an elegant solution that will transform your home and give the interior a personality. Due to its transparency, this design visually increases the space and is suitable for small rooms. This is a universal option that will fit harmoniously into any interior – classic or modern (hi-tech).

A glass staircase with metal inserts is an integral element of modern design (especially often found in two–storey apartments). The ladder is made of tempered glass or triplex, which makes the structure reliable and durable (analogous to metal models).