“PROFILINK Door” is a system with 3 Chambers and a profile depth of 60 mm for the production of high-quality PVC entrance doors. Specially designed insulation chambers provide excellent thermal protection characteristics.

Doors “PROFILINK Door” provide effective protection against burglary – rectangular reinforcement made of large-sized steel forms a solid, closed frame, and the corners of the sash are reinforced with glued corner joints.

High-quality and durable PROFILINK products are characterized by a long period of operation.

Specially designed insulation chambers provide very good insulation characteristics of the doors.

The results of the suitability tests for breathability and density in heavy rains meet the highest requirements.

The mounting width is 60 mm.

The height of the frame profile is 65 mm.

The number of sealing contours is 2 pcs.

The maximum thickness of the glazing is 30 mm.

The fittings installed in the profile system and screwed into the reinforcement ensure a high level of anti-burglary. The anti-theft classes WK1, WK2 and WK3 are achieved without problems.