The KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 system is a great freedom of choice. The sliding function is an interesting alternative to tilt-and-turn systems. Since the sash moves along the guides parallel to the frame, and does not recline inward, there is much more space for implementing modern design solutions and creating comfort.

The width of the sash is 76 mm.

5 air chambers

Mounting depth - 158 mm.

The maximum coefficient of thermal conductivity in a standard Uf structure is 1.4 W / (m2K)

Safe ventilation with slots, easy to open/close

Design options with classic PVC lamination-white, with wooden, monochrome and metallic appearance

GreenLine Ecology - lead-free!

The maximum size of the flaps is 2.2 x 2.2 m*

The mounting depth of the frame is 158 mm.