Sliding-rotary system of windows and doors can be used in more specific cases, for example, when windows or doors have very large openings. Primefold can be used in 2-5-sided schemes. In this way, you can get a completely free opening with a rotating sash and several sliding sashes. It is also worth noting such characteristics as high resistance to heavy rain, air, atmospheric, sound and thermal insulation.

The maximum width
of the sash is 900 mm. indoors and 800 mm. indoors - outdoors

The thickness of the double-glazed window is 16 - 50 mm.

Thermal insulation glass from 16 to 48 mm.

The maximum width of the structure is 4.5 m*

Mounting depth of
the system 76 mm.

Heat transfer resistance coefficient R=0.93 m2 °C/W

5 air chambers

The maximum height of the structure is 2.3 m*

The size in the light "sash-sash" - 162 mm.

The height of the sash frame is 116 mm.

Sound insulation up to 45 dB.

Hidden, invisible hardware