The new generation of the KÖMMERLING 76 system is a modern innovative development, the appearance of which is equally justified both in technological and market terms. Together with remarkable performance in thermal insulation, refined appearance and improved statics, it has technical indicators that could only be implemented in systems with a greater depth of development.


The system is covered with aluminum, which gives it an attractive appearance and combines the advantages of both materials. PVC is responsible for heat and sound insulation, functionality and durability. Aluminum plywood allows you to expand the color gamut, increases resistance to weather conditions and long-term reliability of windows.

Profile mounting depth - 76 mm.

Thermal insulation glass up to - 48 mm.

Number of cameras - 5

GreenLine Ecology - lead-free!

The thermal conductivity coefficient of the
Uf profile is 1.1 W / (m2K)

The standard color of the sealing gasket is black

The maximum size of the sash at the window is
150 cm x 150 cm*

The maximum size of the sash at the balcony door is
100 cm x 250 cm*

Excellent thermal insulation compared to aluminum windows

Appearance of aluminum color — outside, natural white — inside