The KOMMERLING 76 profile is suitable for apartments, balconies, terraces and sliding doors. At the same time, it has significant heat and sound insulation properties. Even when exposed to severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain and wind, the profile retains its original appearance and does not swell. Additional theft protection can be installed on such doors.


The entrance door system KÖMMERLING 76 Aluclip guarantees high quality and reliability of the door blocks for external opening. At the same time, the 5-chamber system provides optimal protection from cold and heat. It is worth noting that the KÖMMERLING 76 Aluclip system meets all the requirements for high-quality door systems for residential premises that open outwards.  On the plastic side – optimal sound and thermal insulation, on the aluminum exterior plywood side – high resistance to weather conditions and weather resistance.

Profile mounting depth - 76 mm.

The thermal conductivity coefficient of the UF profile is
1.5 W / (m2K)

Thermal insulation glass up to - 48 mm.

GreenLine Ecology - lead-free!

Available with innovative proCoverTec coating and proEnergyTec technology.

The possibility of using functional windows or door upholstery panels

High tightness due to double seals in the window sill

Enhanced protection against forced hacking - up to RC 2 resistance class