Roller Blinds BECLEVER

The roller shutters of the upper mounting are characterized by a plastic housing design, which is installed on the window frame and embedded and fixed in the window niche. Their use must be taken into account at the design or adaptation stage of the building. They require that the size of the window opening be increased by the height of the selected window.

Acoustic Comfort

Noise protection tests conducted at the Rosenheim Institute of Window Technology in Germany confirm that BeClever roller shutters with an upper mount have exceptional properties of protection against external noise. Their design effectively suppresses interfering noises from the outside, provides the desired peace in the premises of the building and guarantees a quiet rest.

Energy Saving

Their design prevents the passage of heat and eliminates cold bridges. The thermal insulation parameters (temperature coefficient and heat transfer coefficient) of BeClever roller shutters are confirmed by tests and certificates of the well-known Rosenheim Institute of Window Technology in Germany.