Aluminum is a lightweight and at the same time durable material. Accordingly, it is ideal for structures with a large glazing area, allowing the creation of window structures with various opening methods, shapes and models. Guaranteeing high performance related to thermal insulation, noise insulation, or burglary protection. For the production of “warm” windows, a profile consisting of two aluminum elements connected by a thermal gasket is used. Our company is ready to provide customized solutions specially designed to meet the needs of a particular building.

A wide palette for finishing the profile allows you to choose window systems that are harmoniously combined with the overall architecture of the building.

The aluminum profile is much thinner than analogues made of wood or PVC, so translucent structures look modern and elegant, contributing to maximum light transmission.

Frame width: 60 mm.

Thermal conductivity – Uf = 2.67 V(m2*K)

Wall thickness: 1.2 – 1.3 mm.

Load capacity up to 80 kg

Thermal conductivity – Uf = 2.67 V(m2*K)

The width of the thermal bridge - 24 mm.

The thickness of the glazing is from 20 to 32 mm.

Resistance to mechanical stress and wear